About Us

The purpose and mission of Empire Fashion Firm is to be one of the world’s leading fashion event producers and providers of creative fashion event experiences. Using our production system and portfolio of partners to differentiate our content, services, and consumer experience, we seek to develop the most sustainable, innovative, and profitable fashion events in the world. This purpose allows us to accomplish our mission to provide fashion event production experiences that impact, inspire, sustain, and serve the fashion and art industries, thus the world.

Mission Statement

Empire Fashion Firm's mission is to serve the fashion designers of the  world through the development of the most sustainable, innovative,  profitable and impactful fashion event productions in the world. We commit to being the change we wish to see in the world.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a leading company that serves, impacts, inspires, and  sustains fashion consumers globally using fashion event production experiences. We strive to use our professional and creative interests’ to progress fashion designers, art, and ultimately the people of the world.



Community + Company Employees for a healthier, happier life.


The freedom to believe, freedom to create, and freedom to achieve.


The economy, social temperature, and political temperature.


The environment and fashion education for the future + fashion designers  as they are the artists of our industry


Kamaria McCall is the founder and CEO of Empire Fashion Firm. She has progressive industry experience spanning from the age of 8 years old as a child model. By the age of 16 she secured her first internship with fashion designer, Lore Emelio where she solo directed her first show. Kamaria was already studying at Northwest School of the Arts with a declared major in Fashion Merchandising & Apparel/Costume Design where she ultimately began directing and coordinating the fashion elements of shows in fashion events and globally recognized theatre productions. By the time Ms. McCall graduated Cum Laude from college with her degree in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing, she built contacts within Miami’s fashion industry and assisted with shows for Miami Fashion Week, Emilio Pucci, Jennifer Anniston, and the NBA’s Miami Heat. This experience earned her an opportunity to spend time in Milan and Florence, Italy where she was able to make connections with Vogue Italia, Milan Fashion Week, Pitti Immagine (Pitti Uomo), and fashion designers John Richmond, The Happy Brand, and Mauro Gasperi. With her collective experiences and creative vision she decided that she wanted to use her own company to lead the fashion industry in ways that were meaningful and lasting to the world, yet tractional for fashion designers and models. She began delving into art, design, the study of light, sound, nature, current market trends, and fashion event production history. Incorporating her accrued knowledge acquired over time and experience, she decided that there were 3 areas that she wanted to serve the world. This birthed the purpose of Empire Fashion Firm­—to progress the fashion industry, art, and the world. She established the pillars: to serve, to inspire, to impact, and to sustain, to better support these objectives.