What is the difference between a fashion show and a designer presentation?

A fashion show is an event at which collections of newly designed clothing  are modeled for an audience. A designer presentation is an artistic stationary display of newly designed clothing displayed for an audience.

What is included with a fashion show or designer presentation?

Though we try our best to abide by industry standards (i.e. models,  hair/makeup, venue size/location, staging, lighting, set), but ultimately any event production’s elements and quality are determined by the size of  the budget. A larger budget allocates resources to secure higher quality features. A smaller budget may lower the quality and/or require us to scale the overall event vision while keeping focus on event mission.

Who handles event marketing and invitations?

EF/F will post about the event on social media, but is not responsible for  marketing your event, only the production and direction. We can assist in mass email blasting to help secure RSVP registrations, but cannot supply you with a list of guests to invite or target.

Does EF/F secure media, guests, and celebrity appearances?

We are not publicists, but we can collaborate with your PR Staff to ensure your guest list and seating is suitable for your event. In the case that you do not have PR Staff or partner with a PR Firm, for an additional charge, we can outsource PR services.